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5 Reasons Why Installing a Ceiling Fan is a Smart Home Improvement Project

If you’ve ever had to get up off the floor to manually pull a cord on your ceiling fan, you know how frustrating it can be. Luckily, smart home technologies make it possible to replace your existing fans with new units that operate with a remote control or via a mobile app, this post about the benefits of ceiling fan installation.

What are the efficiency improvement opportunities for ceiling fans?

In fact, there are a number of reasons why adding or replacing your ceiling fan is an ideal home improvement project.

1. It Saves Energy

When your fans are running, they help you use less electricity to regulate the temperature of a room. Ceiling fans circulate cool air, accelerating the evaporation of perspiration, which makes you feel more comfortable and helps reduce your heating or cooling costs.

2. It Deters Gnats and Other Insects

Another reason to love your ceiling fans is that they help keep flying insects away. Gnats, mosquitoes, and flies all hate the air circulation that ceiling fans create. That, combined with the fact that they can be used to help circulate cooking odors in kitchens, means they’re great for keeping your indoor air feeling fresh and clean.

3. It Cuts Your Electricity Bill

Unlike other appliances that generate heat, ceiling fans use very little electricity. This makes them a perfect addition to rooms that you’d otherwise have to heat or cool using the thermostat, which can lead to high utility bills. A smart ceiling fan can actually help you conserve energy by allowing the rooms in your house to work in tandem to regulate their temperature, rather than individually relying on one or the other to do so.