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How to Fill Out a Wedding RSVP

If you’re an invited guest to a wedding, it’s essential that you fill out the couple’s how to fill out rsvp for wedding and send it back by their reply-by date. This ensures that they know your plans, gives them a head count for their venue, and avoids any awkward moments for guests who are unable to attend.

The rsvp wording on your invitation will usually ask you to let them know if you’ll be attending and whether you’ll be bringing a guest. You’ll also be asked if you will need a special meal option (such as gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan) and, if so, what your preference is. You may also be asked to share a song request or other fun details that the couple has put together for their event.

Wedding RSVP Etiquette: How to Respond with Grace

Traditionally, you should always respond to the email address provided by the couple and not go rogue with your own response (like shooting over a text or using a different email for them). If a paper response card is included, be sure to use it and put it into the pre-stamped envelope.

It’s also important to provide your guests with a realistic and reasonable reply-by date. This will give them enough time to plan your travel and get your RSVP in without feeling rushed or pressured. Generally, around 4 to 5 weeks is a good time frame. Lastly, if the couple has specified that their wedding is adults-only be sure to indicate this on your invitations and RSVP cards so that your friends and family can plan accordingly.