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How to Check Phone Number Type

A phone number has a lot of components. It has an area code, a prefix, the actual phone number, and sometimes an international country code. In addition, there are many different conventions for expressing the format of a phone number. Inputs of type input /> that accept telephone numbers often require validation to ensure they are correctly formatted before being accepted into your database. This is because formats vary widely, especially across regions and cultures.

Check phone number type contact data can result in poor marketing, sales and customer service results. Using an online tool that allows you to check phone number type can help to prevent inaccurate information being introduced into your databases. It’s better to identify invalid data early on rather than later, when it can cause costly errors in your business processes.

One way to check the type of a phone number is to use an online tool such as Textmagic. This free tool can validate a number in real-time and instantly display the information needed to make the correct call. The ‘Main Info’ section will show a variety of details about the number, including its country of provenance and if it is mobile/cellular or landline.

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Another tool is ClearoutPhone, which combines the best of both worlds (lookup and validation). The system connects directly to a carrier’s network to retrieve details about the subscriber including its active status and line type. It can also detect ported and roaming carriers and provide an overall rating of the phone number’s reliability. Sign up for a free account to get started.