Achieve a Youthful Appearance With Botox

As you age, loss of the skin’s softness naturally produces wrinkles and lines. Botox near Bergen County NJ is an FDA approved cosmetic treatment that diminishes those lines by weakening the muscles that cause them to contract. In the hands of a skilled professional, like our doctors at Progressive Spine & Sports Medicine, you can get your desired results that leave you looking natural. It’s a great way to give yourself that slight edge in both your personal and professional life. It’s also a medically proven pain management method for chronic migraines and conditions such as idiopathic rotational cervical dystonia.

Is fillers better than Botox?

You can have your youthful appearance restored with a quick and non-surgical procedure using BOTOX(r) Cosmetic. It’s an injectable that can be used to reduce the severity of fine lines and creases that are caused by repetitive facial expressions. It’s the ideal “lunchtime” treatment, as it takes only minutes to perform and leaves you looking refreshed.

During your consultation at our Paramus NJ location, we’ll take the time to learn more about your aesthetic and physical concerns and discuss a custom treatment plan. We encourage you to bring a photo of yourself when you were younger to help us ensure natural-looking results.


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