Are You Protected by Surge Protection?

Are You Protected by Surge Protection?

Surge protection is an important component of any electrical system. A surge protector Alltechglobal | surge protects your electrical equipment from voltage spikes caused by alternating current. Voltage spikes occur in short bursts, typically lasting one to thirty microseconds, and can reach over 1,000 volts. Unlike a lightning strike, which may cause your equipment to malfunction, a voltage spike can be prevented by surge protection. To find out whether you’re currently protected, take a look at the list below.

A surge protection device works by triggering at a set voltage, typically three to four times the mains voltage. It then redirects the current to earth, protecting your appliances and other electrical equipment. Some surge protectors absorb the energy spike, while others release it as heat. They are rated in joules to keep your electrical equipment safe. To make sure your surge protection device is functioning properly, check it regularly and replace the cartridge if necessary.

Surge protection devices come with an indicator window to let you know when a device is running out of juice. If the indicator is red, it means that the device has reached its life expectancy. To make sure your surge protection device is working effectively, you should replace the cartridge on a regular basis. However, if the device is still functioning, you should replace it. Then you’ll know that you have a new surge protector.

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