CBD Canada – A Panel of Experts Recommends Allowing CBD Products Without a Prescription


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The committee was charged with assessing the evidence and coming up with recommendations that would be used to support Health Canada decision-making. It was encouraged to reach consensus in its advice but it wasn’t required to do so and recommendations could be made when consensus was not possible. URL https://greensociety.cc/product-category/cbd-oil-canada/

Among the key findings was that evidence shows CBD-rich cannabis products can relieve some medical conditions such as pain, nausea, and anxiety, but more research is needed. The committee also concluded it was appropriate to allow CBD products under strict compliance with the Cannabis Act and regulations and that it would be inappropriate to give any product containing CBD to people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, children or youth under the age of majority, or people who are using anti-psychotic medications (like SSRIs).

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The panel suggested that Health Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations model for natural health products should be applied to CBD health products and maintain evidence requirements for authorized health claims. It also recommended that any CBD product should be clearly identified and labelled to distinguish it from products available in the recreational cannabis market, which are subject to different labelling and testing requirements.

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