Choosing the Right Barricade Pole for Your Needs

We’ve all seen them, from a string of barricade pole – LTC Office Supplies on a freeway keeping cars away from a construction zone to the colorful barricades that keep a crowd out of a concert venue or parade route. Barricades are a critical piece of traffic control and crowd control, helping prevent accidents, injuries, and damage to property with the help of visual cues and physical barriers. But with so many different types of barricades, knowing which ones to choose for your specific needs can seem overwhelming.

If you’re a fan of traffic cones but are worried about their susceptibility to weather (and wild parrots), consider upgrading to heavy duty barricades that are designed to hold up to the elements. These are more durable than standard Type I barricades, and come in a range of sizes to suit your requirements.

Safety in Style: A Deep Dive into Barricade Pole Solutions by LTC Office Supplies

Some barricade poles, like the Eureka Red & White Heavy Duty Barricading Poles 5.8m, are built to withstand harsh environments such as mining and resource industries. These are made from highly durable steel and have a powder coated finish to protect against the weather. This style of barricade also features a reinforced base that makes it easy to stack, allowing you to increase the number of barrier poles in a line without worrying about them falling over. It also includes a drop-box storage element, making it safe and convenient to transport and store. These are ideal in circumstances where space is limited and ease-of-use is prioritized but a heavy duty barricade is still needed.

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