Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

commercial air conditioning

Commercial air conditioning systems can be divided into two basic types. Single-split and multi-split systems. The former is self-contained and requires a separate outdoor unit. Both are self-contained and have the same cooling capacity. The latter has variable speed operation and is ideal for large commercial buildings. The latter is more affordable and is often used in retail settings and larger offices. Here are some of the differences between single-split and multi-splitting systems.

Quick And Easy Fix For Your Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Firstly, commercial air conditioning has a different setup than residential air conditioning. It is much larger and requires more infrastructure. This type of cooling system also requires multiple condensate pans, several drain pipes and several thermostats. It can also heat or cool large areas, which means that a self-contained system is more efficient. Secondly, it is highly energy-efficient and requires less power than a separate unit. A multi-split system uses less electricity and is more energy-efficient.

A 5,000 square foot space needs a commercial air conditioning system of a certain size. A 5000-square-foot space requires a 2,500-btu unit. The size of the unit required is calculated using the area’s layout, thermal characteristics and employee preference. This information helps the technician choose the right system for the space. The technician will also look at other factors, such as the building’s design, layout and other variables.

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