Dental Insurance Virginia – What Type of Dental Insurance is Right For You?

dental insurance Virginia

Dental insurance Virginia is available to both individuals and families and can be purchased from a variety of providers. The best way to find the right plan for you is to compare several quotes online. This will allow you to see the premium rates, coverage benefits and annual maximums. Be sure to tally up the total cost of the policy and make sure it is within your budget. Also, remember that many plans come with additional benefits such as vision or prescription coverage and be sure to take these into account when comparing costs.

The most popular type of dental insurance in Virginia is a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. This type of coverage typically offers a wider choice of dentists and allows you to pay a lower copayment for services than you would with a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) dental plan. A DHMO dental plan is more restrictive, however, as it requires you to use in-network providers and may have a higher copayment for services.

Oral Health Wisdom: Understanding Dental Insurance Options in Virginia

A shortage of dentists who accept Medicaid patients is a major reason why some enrollees have difficulty finding care. The state’s dental reimbursement rate is low, which ends up costing dentists to treat Medicaid and Family Access to Medical Insurance (FAMIS) patients. Moreover, there are an average of 1,014 Medicaid and FAMIS members for every dentist who participates in Smiles for Children, the comprehensive dental benefit that was added to Medicaid in 2005.

An alternative to dental insurance is a dental savings plan, which is a membership program that provides discounted pricing for certain types of dental procedures. These programs are not considered insurance, and they do not have a premium or deductible, but they offer the convenience of having a network of dentists in which to receive care. Dental savings plans can be used by both individuals and families and often cover more than just routine cleanings.

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