Functional Medicine – Prevent Illness, Optimize Health and Restore Wellness

Functional Medicine

There’s a growing movement in the healthcare world toward Functional Medicine. Unlike traditional medicine, which focuses on managing disease once it’s already in progress (via the use of pharmaceutical drugs to suppress symptoms) and is typically only offered at hospitals, Functional Medicine seeks to prevent illness, optimize health and restore wellness through individualized care.

Unlike conventional doctors, Functional Medicine practitioners take a comprehensive approach to investigating your health and find the root cause of your issues, which can be anything from digestive dysfunction to hormonal imbalance to a food allergy or nutrient deficiency. The practitioner can then use specialty lab tests to get a more in-depth understanding of the way your body is functioning by focusing on optimal lab values, allowing them to spot trends or markers that may indicate the start of an upcoming disease or pathology.

Exploring the Benefits of Functional Medicine for Chronic Conditions: A New Perspective on Healing

In the past, functional medicine would have been viewed as something “alternative,” but with more and more conventional doctors embracing this holistic approach to treating patients, it’s becoming a mainstream practice. In fact, Evans says that his center and institute have been collaborating with large umbrella institutions like the Cleveland Clinic to make this type of personalized medical care more accessible.

At Between the Bridges Healing Center in Rochester, MN, we believe in the power of Functional Medicine to help you discover the root cause of your discomforts and address them at the source rather than simply masking your symptoms with medication. Schedule a Functional Medicine appointment with our team to learn more about this unique, patient-centered healthcare option!

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