Furniture Wheels – How to Choose the Right Wheels for Your Piece of Furniture

furniture wheels

Adding caster wheel to furniture is an easy way to enhance functionality and make your pieces look even more stylish. Wheels come in every shape and size, from vintage-inspired to brass-cast. They can transform your coffee table, sofa or kitchen island into a work of art.

Wheels are available in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic and rubber. The most versatile material is rubber, which is durable and can be easily shaped. Drills, files, rasps and an electric power sander are excellent tools for shaping and altering wheels.

Caster Wheels vs. Fixed Wheels: Which is the Better Choice

Diameter and load capacity – The diameter of the caster plays an important role in how heavy the furniture can be moved. A smaller diameter will help the furniture stay stable in one position, while a larger diameter may be necessary to move heavier loads.

Type of movement – Think about how you want the furniture to roll, and consider whether it needs to be able to turn a full 360 degrees or just move in a straight line. For example, a desk chair is likely to need a caster that allows it to move in a circular motion, while a coffee table might only require one that can roll in a straight line.

Brakes – Some casters have charge-braked or interval-braked wheels, which are designed to lock in place until pressure is applied. These casters are often used on heavy equipment, such as platform trucks and carts.

Choosing the right casters depends on several factors, including the load you need to support and the kind of surface it will be on. Once you know these factors, you can pick the best casters for your piece of furniture.

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