How to Choose a Photo Canvas

Canvas print is an easy way to turn your favorite photos into a cherished wall decor piece. It can be a great addition to any room, and the prints are also durable enough to last for a long time.

How do I print my own canvas?

The main difference between a framed paper print and a framed canvas is that the framed paper print comes with a protective frame, whereas a framed canvas does not come with an outer frame. This means that a framed canvas will weigh more than the framed paper print.

When choosing a canvas to display your pictures, you will want to consider the size and depth of the canvas. The depth of the canvas can make a big difference in how the final product looks, so you will want to choose a canvas that will be suitable for the space you plan to hang it in.

There are a wide variety of sizes to choose from, and most canvases will be able to stretch up to 8×10 or 10×10. These are the ideal sizes for family pictures or moments from your vacation, and they work well as stand-alone or part of a multi canvas layout in a larger room.

Wrapping a Photo with Mod Podge

To give your photo canvas a more textured look, you can apply mod podge over the entire surface of your photo. This will make it appear more like a genuine canvas, and it will add some interest to your picture without making the finished product too busy or too bulky.

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