How to Remove My Information From MyLife

remove my information from mylife

Luckily, MyLife makes it easy to remove your information by sending an email to their customer support department. The first step is to locate the listing you want to remove and right-click on the listing. Copy the link address and paste it into the MyLife opt-out page. You will need to provide a valid email address and submit CAPTCHA validation. After you confirm your request, MyLife will take action to delete your account.

Why Need to Remove My Information From MyLife

Once you’ve opted out, MyLife will send you a generic email acknowledging your request. While the email will say you’ve successfully removed your information, it doesn’t mean the information is completely gone. If you’re not happy with the status of your request, you can try again later. If you’re unsure whether your request was successful or not, try again. In most cases, MyLife will agree to remove your personal information.

However, if MyLife is unwilling to remove your information, you should try again. In some cases, it will accept your request, but other times it may not. If that happens, it’s best to start over again. Once you’re satisfied with the result, you should repeat the process. You can also use the search bar in the middle of the page to search for the person you want to remove my information from mylife. Enter their name, email address, home address, state, city, and age.

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