How to Use the Credit Card Eligibility Checker

Our simple, online credit card eligibility checker helps you find and compare which Halifax credit cards are likely to be accepted for you. It only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

How do you get approved for a credit card if I have no credit?

We use a number of factors to assess whether you’re eligible for a credit card, including your age, residency and income. You’ll also need to provide proof of identity such as a bank statement, driving licence or pension book.

How to Use the Credit Card Eligibility Checker

It is a quick and easy way to find out which Halifax credit eligibility check you’re likely to be accepted for and your estimated credit limit, without affecting your credit score. Then you can easily apply for one of our cards if you wish.

How it Works

Our credit card eligibility checker makes it easier to find and compare which Halifax credit cards you’re likely to qualify for by making a “soft search” of your credit file. Lenders can’t see soft searches and so they don’t affect your credit score.

How to Apply for a Halifax Credit Card

If you’re not already a Halifax customer, you can apply for our free credit card and get an estimate of your credit limit. You can even apply for our introductory offer, which will start on your next bill date.

Pre-Qualification and Preapproval Process

Many of the biggest credit card issuers offer pre-qualification and preapproval processes that let you avoid a hard inquiry to your credit report that can knock points off your scores. However, you do still need to formally apply for the card after receiving the offer.

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