Hunting Safari Information

hunting safari information

Africa is the hunting safari information continent in terms of wildlife. It is also one of the most expensive. Many African hunting outfitters hide or “flip” additional costs that they charge once a client arrives in their country of destination. These hidden fees may include: scouting, veterinary services (including skinning & fleshing), shipping & taxidermy.

Hunting Safaris are not only very physically demanding but often involve long hours of sitting or lying on the ground. Those factors make them unsuitable for people with back or hip problems or for people who cannot stand for long periods of time.

In addition, the physical demands of a hunting safari are compounded by the fact that African animals, especially the larger species such as Elephant & Cape Buffalo, are very elusive and can be challenging to find. They frequently hide behind bushes or thick brush, and require a stalking or waiting approach. For these reasons, the hunter must be in excellent physical condition and able to walk for miles.

African Wilderness: The Beauty and Majesty of Namibia

The best African hunting safaris are conducted in an ethical manner, meaning that they follow strict game laws and guidelines for each species being hunted. The worst safaris are those that exploit a species for profit, such as baiting lions or shooting whole prides from vehicles or hides.

We strongly recommend that any hunter visiting a foreign country, especially an African destination, purchase membership with Global Rescue. This company will assist in medical & security emergencies, whether you are on a safari or at home.

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