Insurance Broker Courses

Insurance broker courses help clients analyze their risks and liabilities, and find the proper coverage to manage those risks. They can also assist with reviewing the options available to their clients, making it easy for them to compare policies and premiums and select the one that fits their needs and budget. They are often responsible for managing multiple lines of insurance, so having a wide range of knowledge is essential to their career.

While hard and fast educational requirements don’t exist on a national level, a bachelor’s degree in business or risk management is helpful for becoming an insurance broker. Other courses that can help include communication, marketing and accounting. Internships with insurance firms can also provide valuable learning opportunities for aspiring professionals.

Becoming an Insurance Agent: Top Courses to Kickstart Your Success

Most states require applicants to undergo a training program and pass a licensing exam before they can sell insurance. Upon passing, licenses are valid for a specific time period, and brokers must meet continuing education requirements to keep their licenses active.

Taking the right insurance broker courses can help you prepare for the licensing exams and pass them on your first attempt. It’s important to study thoroughly and get enough sleep in the days leading up to your test so that you are well-rested when it comes time for the exam.

In the past, pre-licensing courses were held in classroom settings, but now many online providers offer classes at times that fit your schedule. America’s Professor, for example, offers insurance licensing exam classes that are fully interactive and available on a desktop, tablet and smartphone so you can learn wherever and whenever it works for you.

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