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Native smokes canada are made by a variety of First Nations tribe-owned tobacco companies, offering smokers a unique smoking experience with a local flavor. These cigarettes are crafted using locally-sourced burley and flue-cured tobaccos that cost significantly less than conventional commercial brands. They also lack the additional chemicals found in most other commercial cigarettes, making them a healthier alternative at lower prices. Furthermore, each purchase of these native cigarettes supports the First Nations community and helps to support their economic success.

Despite the efforts of many First Nations tobacco companies to control access to their products, some Indigenous smokers are still able to obtain untaxed or under-taxed cigarettes through illegal sales channels. These untaxed or under-taxed tobacco products are sold at a myriad of smoke shops on reserves or through distributors who peddle them on the streets of non-reserve communities. These cigarettes are often produced on-reserve by First Nations communities and sold to Indigenous and non-Indigenous people alike (Simpson & Leuprecht, 2014).

Seeking Retailers: Who Sells Native Cigarettes Near Me?

To investigate the extent of the problem, this study examined the relationship between smokers’ proximity to the nearest reserve and their likelihood of purchasing cigarettes from a reserve. Adjusted predicted probabilities were calculated by estimating regression models with province, wave, and an interaction term as covariates. Results showed that the odds of purchasing cigarettes from a reserve decreased with distance in subsequent waves, with the probability of purchasing from a reserve ranging from 10% to 21% for smokers living 25 km or more from a reserve.

Native Cigarettes Canada
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