Red Apple Early Learning Centre Vermont

Red Apple early learning centre vermont, a child care facility, provides a warm, safe environment where children can learn and play. The centre opened in February 2009, and is a small family-friendly early learning center. It offers play-based programs, and is close to schools and community facilities.

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The Early Learning Center’s staff are all certified in early childhood education. They have a strong commitment to the children in their care. All of them are passionate about their work.

Aside from the classroom, the centre also provides outdoor play spaces for the kids. This is done to promote the development of social and emotional skills.

Among its services, the centre offers breakfast and lunch. In addition, the centre is open from 6:45am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

One of the things that the centre does to ensure that the safety of the children in their care is to hire Maternal and Child Health nurses. These nurses are trained by the Vermont Department of Health and will be available for both child care professionals and the community. Their duties include answering questions regarding safety and health concerns.

Children under the age of three can access the Toffee Apple Room, a kinder room. The room includes all meals, as well as indoor and outdoor play areas. Designed for children between the ages of three and five, the room helps build the foundation for school.

Located in a quiet residential neighborhood, the Goodstart Early Learning Child Care Centre Vermont – Canterbury Road North is a 120-place facility that offers play-based programs. It is also close to shopping and community facilities.

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