Riverside Paving and the Village of Riverside

The Village of riverside paving is fortunate to have been awarded the highest possible pavement condition rating of 74 (Good). However, the commitment to continue to increase the level of service of the street network will require additional maintenance techniques beyond what has been implemented so far. These maintenance procedures will help extend the life of the current street network investment and avoid costly repairs.

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These additional maintenance techniques include pavement striping, patching, drainage improvements and surface treatments. Each of these methods is designed to maintain the structural integrity and appearance of the street, while extending its useful life. The Village will also continue to invest in subgrade repairs, an important component of the overall pavement management program.

With proper maintenance, permeable paving can provide years of trouble-free performance. This pavement technology allows for the collection, cleaning and storage of storm water in a confined space with no land take. The water flows through silt traps into a voided stone sub-base or, in some cases, shallow geocellular drainage. The clean water is stored in a rill or canal before flowing through three control points to the River Welland.

Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential asphalt work, the team at Riverside Paving can handle any job with expertise and experience. View our projects gallery to see examples of the quality work we’ve done for restaurants, automobile dealerships, shopping centres, employee buildings and logistics facilities. Our company was founded in 1972 and is locally family owned and operated.

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