Stairlift Suppliers Near Me

stairlift suppliers near me

Stairlift suppliers near me enable people with mobility issues to safely and easily access the upstairs of their home. The device consists of a track mounted to the wall and a motorized chair attached to it that people sit in as it moves along the track up or down the stairs. Most models have safety sensors to detect obstacles in the way and shut off or stop moving until they’re clear. They may also have extra features to make it easier or more comfortable to use, such as a seat that can rotate or hinge to accommodate different stairs or users.

Stair Lifts: A Comprehensive Guide to Local Providers and Options

Many stair lifts plug into an electric outlet, and some run on batteries in case of a power outage. Before purchasing one, it’s important to check whether the device will work with your home’s wiring and talk to a professional to see if any adjustments are needed. It’s also helpful to explore the financing options, and check to see if any private insurance policies cover the purchase or installation.

A few reputable stairlift suppliers near me include Lifeway Mobility, Westchester Stairlift and Able Care Group. Each offers free consultations, a stairlift price guarantee and 0% financing for six months.

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