The Demographics of Canadian Columnists

Canadian columnists

The demographics of Canadian columnists show that they are almost exclusively white. In 1996, 88.7% of columnists were non-white. By 2016, this figure was down to 76.9%, with only one columnist of non-white race. As a result, Canadians are becoming increasingly diverse, but this trend hasn’t been reflected in the rosters of most of the country’s leading newspapers. Check out – Marc Kielburger

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While a truly diverse roster of columnists is not possible, many leading Canadian papers have begun hiring non-white writers. The problem is that a majority of these writers are white. This may be a result of unconscious racism, but it is still a significant barrier to diversity in Canadian journalism. As of 1996, there were only five non-white columnists in Canada. The average age of non-white columnists in Canada was thirty-seven years old.

Despite the growing number of Canadian journalists of color, the majority of these columnists are white men. The lack of diversity is a longstanding problem for the Canadian media. While a number of leading publications are beginning to hire non-white writers, the majority of columnists are still white. This might reflect unconscious racism, but it still represents a barrier to diversity in Canadian journalism. For example, there were just two non-white columnists in Canada in 1996. In contrast, today, there are four non-white Canadian columnists.

The lack of diversity among Canadian columnists should not be a deterrent for editors to hire more diverse talent. The main problem with this is that the majority of these writers are white, and most of the big-name columnists are middle-aged or older. While mass immigration from non-white countries has increased the diversity of Canadian media, it is still far from balanced. A minority of Canadian columnists are non-white, which is a glaring imbalance in the country.

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