What Are the Main Types of Air Conditioning Units?

Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning (HVAC) is the science of vehicular and indoor environmental comfort. Its primary function is to provide suitable indoor air quality and thermal comfort to humans and animals within its vicinity. An efficient HVAC system can effectively control internal temperature and humidity to improve overall comfort of the occupants. The system’s energy supply is obtained from a combination of fuel (oil or natural gas) and heat, with the former providing mechanical energy to drive pumps and fans. Induction heating uses heat energy to drive heat pumps, while geothermal and traditional heating utilize solar resources for their energy requirements. View more info here

What Can You Do About What Are The Main Types Of Air Conditioning Units? Right Now

A modern HVAC system has an added advantage of being able to regulate the temperature both inside and out. Since it can act as a thermostat, it can also reduce external noise levels and thus provide peace and calm in the home or office. With the advent of new technologies, additional benefits have been realized by HVAC systems, such as energy efficiency, better power consumption, and reduced electrical consumption. This translates into lower electricity bills and less carbon dioxide emissions.

Although there are many types of HVAC units, the three main types are usually categorized according to the source of mechanical energy used. There are also main types based on their location. For example, a centralized air conditioner is usually located in the central part of the house such as in the living room. However, portable and permanent air conditioners may be placed in different parts of the house, depending on the space available.

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