What to Expect From Eye Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can make for a dramatic, glamorous look that can add a gorgeous, natural pop of color to your eyes. But before you book your appointment, it’s important to know what to expect, as well as some tips and tricks that can help the process go smoothly.

Your lashes will be glued to your natural eyelashes with medical-grade glue that’s formulated to avoid any potential irritation or damage, says Phillips. Typically, lash technicians do a patch test with the adhesive before applying the full set to ensure that your skin is not allergic to it.

Before beginning the application, the lash technician will consult with you to determine your desired look and choose the appropriate length for each individual eyelash. They may also use a curler to give your lashes a more natural or curled appearance.

Lash Extensions in Cairns: Elevate Your Beauty

Afterwards, it’s important to keep your lashes clean and oil-free by brushing them with a spoolie or small comb, says Richardson. She suggests using a gentle cleanser that is fragrance-free and does not contain sulfates or parabens, as these ingredients can break down the adhesive that keeps your lashes in place.

You’ll also want to keep your eyes protected from moisture and heat, so you should try not to shower or swim with the lashes in, and you’ll definitely need to replace your cotton pillow covers with silk ones (to prevent snagging on your new extensions). Also, be sure to stay away from any makeup products around the eyes, including mascara, as these can cause premature loss of your natural lashes. Finally, it’s important to schedule regular “fills” every two to three weeks to keep your lashes looking fresh and full.

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