Where Can I Buy Kush Online?

Since marijuana became buy kush online canada on October 17, 2018, consumers have been asking – “where can I buy kush online?” While the federal government’s cannabis act established the basic rules, distribution and other restrictions are left to the provinces. Purchasing cannabis is only legal through authorized retailers, who can be found on the Authorized Retailers Webpage. If you purchase from an unlicensed retailer you are committing a criminal offence and may face fines or even prison time. Illegal products sold by unlicensed retailers often have high levels of pesticides, bacteria and other substances that pose a public health risk.

Which country has the best hash?

Licensed retailers offer safe, reliable, consistent, quality products. They are also required to carry all the health and safety information required by law. Their products must be clearly marked with an excise stamp (standard maple symbol, coloured differently by each province) to indicate that the product meets government standards for potency and a warning for its potential harmful effects. They must also contain accurate THC levels and be free of any other substance that could harm the consumer.

Most provinces now allow licensed retailers to deliver cannabis directly to your door. To find out if your area is eligible for home delivery, visit Leafly’s Delivery Portal and select your location. You’ll be able to see what’s available at retailers near you, and what their hours of operation are.

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