Where to Find the Best Gems in Jewelry Store NYC

The jewelry store NYC we wear isn’t just an accessory—it reflects the people who wear it. That’s especially true for the coveted gems and fine jewelry that New York is known for, a distinction earned through centuries of fine craftsmanship. The most recognizable names in accessories are found in the city’s legendary jewelry district—and it doesn’t just have diamonds to offer. There are also places that cater to more esoteric stones like aquamarine, tsaverite, and peridot. There are even niches that specialize in rare colored gemstones like sapphires and emeralds, as well as semi-precious options like opals and topaz.

Crafted with Love: Supporting Local Artisans at Jewelry Stores in NYC

This family business combines recycled ecogold and ecoplatinum with rare gemstones to craft showstopping pieces that appeal to natural aesthetics. Engagement rings start at $1,175, and simple bands at $295. Bridal jewelry, including tiaras designed by Andrew Prince (the Downton Abbey jewelry designer), is also available.

Located in the heart of the city, this spot is a jeweler to the stars—and the rest of us who want to feel like one. Its collection ranges from heirloom-quality classics to edgy modern designs, but the shop is best known for its signature, high-profile pearls and diamonds.

Owners Michael and Mary-Anne Abelson carry a mix of independent jewelry designers alongside their own delicate pieces. The store’s pint-size space has a charmingly cluttered feel. Their jewelry is popular with creative and antiques-inspired brides, who can select from settings styled like branches or leaves.

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