Why Buy a 2k Monitor?

When shopping for a computer monitor, resolution can make a big difference in both picture quality and performance. For example, a monitor 2k provides a higher image resolution than a standard Full HD display—meaning your content and media will be more sharp, detailed, and colorful. The increased screen size also offers more workspace for multitasking or working with large files. Lenovo offers a wide range of desktop computers and laptops with 2k displays, including X Series, Y Series gaming laptops, and ThinkVision monitors.

How much does a good 1440p monitor cost?

2k, or 2,000 pixels by 1,920 pixels, is the highest standard for video display resolution. Its high pixel density makes for an incredible viewing experience compared to older Full HD screens—particularly when displayed up close. It also offers more workspace for multitasking or content creation, especially when using programs like Adobe’s Creative Suite that require larger file sizes to run at full screen.

Alternatively, you can sometimes see this resolution listed as WQHD, or Wide Quad High Definition. This is due to the fact that this is the standardized format for DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives)-compliant digital projectors and displays. The term was actually coined long after DCI produced a specific specification for the format, and so many people have picked up on it as a way to describe any monitor with a resolution of 2560×1440 or higher.

This confusion isn’t helped by the fact that monitor manufacturers are often guilty of misusing the terms “2K” and “1440p.” While 1440p reflects the exact number of horizontal and vertical dots in a display, it’s often used interchangeably with the generic term “2k” to describe any monitor with this pixel resolution.

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