Why You Shouldn’t Shake Your Kombucha Bottle

kombucha shake

Kombucha is a kombucha shake tea beverage that has become quite popular, sparking lots of conversation and interest about its potential health benefits. While kombucha does contain probiotics and other nutrients, more research is needed to support some of the health claims made about this drink. Some people like to use kombucha as an alternative to sugary sodas because it does have some natural sugars from the fruit and sugar-rich juices used during fermentation, but it’s also important to check for added sugars on the nutrition label.

Fizzy Fears: Debunking the Kombucha Shaking Myth and Preserving Your Bubbly Bliss

Many kombucha bottles come with instructions or recommendations that say not to shake their products, which is best for keeping the carbonation in balance and avoiding unnecessary agitation. By following these guidelines and storing your bottle properly (in a cool, dark place away from sunlight), you can be sure to get the most out of this bubbly beverage.

Some people may be wary of the peculiar floaties in their kombucha, but they’re actually good! These little particles are the result of the natural yeast and bacteria during the fermentation process, and they’re packed with probiotics and other healthy bacteria that can support digestive health. If they bother you, however, you can always stir your kombucha instead of shaking it to distribute the sediment evenly.

Aside from hitting the gym, GT says kombucha is one of his “two non-negotiables” every day. He drinks about a gallons of the fermented tea daily, and says that it helps him maintain digestive balance, stave off bloating and brain fog, boost his immune system, and improve his skin, hair, and gut health.

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